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Go Africa Coffee will be offering 50% off coupons during the Go Africa Harlem 2017 Street Festival on 7/15/2017

we will be roasting, brewing and grounding coffee live at the Go Africa Harlem street festival on 7/15/2017 from 10am – 7pm on 116th Street btw. 7th & 8th Aves. We will also be selling#icedcoffee & #icedtea for $1.00 or email or phone 646-502-9778 Ext. 8001 see www.GoAfricaHarlemorg for more information. We will also […]

Top 10 Best Coffee Bean Grinders (

Follow us on Twitter @GoAfricaCoffee   If you want to make a really good cup of coffee, it’s important to invest in the right coffee grinder. For starters, you should narrow down options based on your needs and budget. Do you prefer a small and simple coffee grinder for a basic cup of coffee, or […]

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Hacked By Shade$ GreetZ to Prosox – Sxtz

The types of Coffee Beans used in Go Africa®Coffee (Q&A)

You can buy Go Africa Coffee at:   The types of Coffee Beans used in Go Africa®Coffee We have received so many inquiries regarding which beans are used in Go Africa Coffee. Since we source are beans from the following countries: (Ethiopia, Kenya, Côte d’Ivoire, Tanzania, Cameroon, and Democratic Republic of the Congo) the […]

Introducing Go Africa Coffee in new 5 Ibs and 4 oz bags sizes on Amazon

We are happy to introduce Go Africa Coffee in new 5 Ibs and 4 oz  bag sizes. visit  or  The new bags provide the following benefits: Go Africa Coffee, 5-pound bag: Designed for the restaurants, businesses, special events and other activities where a large amount of coffee is required at a competitive price. Special delivery and […]

Living and understanding the Go Africa Coffee Experience

Visit us at   We at Go Africa Coffee have endeavored to evolve the Coffee experience similarly to how wine has evolved over the past 25 years. In this regard, we have started our production processes with Premium quality whole beans from Africa. We have advanced our preparation and production processes to perfection. Creating […]

How to Brew Coffee with the French Press (how to Video) and instructions

buy Go Africa Coffee at or AT A GLANCE Total brew time: 4:30 Yield: 1-3 short mugs Mugs per Craft Coffee bag: 6 Cup characteristics: Heavy and robust WHAT YOU NEED French press Craft Coffee beans (see below for amount) Water (see below for amount) Stirring utensil Kettle (gooseneck preferred) Timer Mug Burr grinder […]

How to Grind Coffee

Buy Go Africa Coffee at or KNOW YOUR GRIND Your coffee grind has a big impact on the quality of your brew. What’s the right grind size? It depends on how you brew your coffee! And since there are a lot of different ways to brew a delicious cup, we decided to make you […]

The Ultimate Iced Coffee Recipe

visit  or & Go Africa Coffee is sold exclusively on Amazon nationwide. You can reach us know at or 646-502-9778 ext 8004 or at __ “Cold-brewed coffee poured over coffee ice Africa? cubes makes the best iced coffee. It queremos takes a bit of planning, but its full, rich flavor makes […]

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