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Go Africa® Black Tea Select Origins Kenya- 40 grams (1.4 oz.)

  • EUR: € 6.81
  • GHS: ₵47.74
  • KES: KES882.40
  • NGN: ₦3,288.00
Go Africa Black Tea Select Origins Kenya is  produced by Kenyan farmers, who are the second largest producers of black tea in the world.
  • Go Africa Black Tea Select Origins Kenya is a single origin loose leaf tea with a unique taste stemming from its cultivation in a tropical climate with volcanic soil. We provide this delicious tea for all tea drinkers to enjoy.
  • Product launch: Go Africa Black Tea Select Origins Kenya is being introduced nationwide via
  • Product Markets: USA, UK, EU current: Future: ME, Asia
  • Packing: sold in 40- gram bag
  • Sustainability & Ecosystem : This product is organic and fair trade compliant, proudly produced in partnership and/ or with support of The Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency.
  • Food safety is paramount to our production. We have invested directly & indirectly in facilities, equipment and processes that ensure purity and cleanliness per local and international standards.