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Go Africa® Black Tea Select Origins Kenya- 40 grams (1.4 oz.)

  • EUR: € 7.82
  • GHS: ₵123.78
  • KES: KES1,120.51
  • NGN: ₦11,707.71
Go Africa Black Tea Select Origins Kenya is  produced by Kenyan farmers, who are the second largest producers of black tea in the world.
  • Go Africa Black Tea Select Origins Kenya is a single origin loose leaf tea with a unique taste stemming from its cultivation in a tropical climate with volcanic soil. We provide this delicious tea for all tea drinkers to enjoy.
  • Product launch: Go Africa Black Tea Select Origins Kenya is being introduced nationwide via
  • Product Markets: USA, UK, EU current: Future: ME, Asia
  • Packing: sold in 40- gram bag
  • Sustainability & Ecosystem : This product is organic and fair trade compliant, proudly produced in partnership and/ or with support of The Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency.
  • Food safety is paramount to our production. We have invested directly & indirectly in facilities, equipment and processes that ensure purity and cleanliness per local and international standards.

Go Africa® Kinkeliba Tea – 40 grams (1.4 oz)

  • EUR: € 9.66
  • GHS: ₵152.94
  • KES: KES1,384.47
  • NGN: ₦14,465.71
We at Go Africa are pleased to bring you a unique collection of African inspired Teas. A draining herbal tea with a very subtle taste and rich in tannins! Kinkeliba is from a shrub from West Africa, where its leaves are consumed frequently as an infusion at breakfast. Known for its diuretic properties, kinkeliba helps to eliminate toxins, and is therefore particularly recommended in diets.