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Victoria Grain Milled Rice, by I-Go Africa® 1kgs (grade 2)

  • EUR: € 0.85
  • GHS: ₵13.41
  • KES: KES121.42
  • NGN: ₦1,268.68
Call or email for packaging & delivery  options and detailed pricing Pricing: Kes 100 per Kg for grade 1 & Kes 95 per Kg for grade 2 email: or Milled rice could essentially be called white rice. Unlike typical brown rice, which has only the husk removed, it also has the rice bran layer and the germ of the rice removed. This tends to make for fluffier rice, that is usually white to light yellow in color. About the Brand Bunyala, Busia-County based Victoria Grain is the brand of rice products distributed by Indigenous Go Africa Limited (I-GO Africa). I-GO Africa works with over 2000 farmers in over 3000 acres of rice to ensure uniformity in the production of rice from research, laboratory, seed plant, rice mill, and packaging plant. We have pioneered a hybrid method where both the farmer and Indigenous Go Africa benefit from the exclusive relationship. I-GO Africa and Victoria Grain brand were founded on the premise that modern, technology-based agricultural techniques combined with a broad, diverse germplasm collection, can efficiently develop and economically produce superior rice seed products, as well as specialty rice for consumer markets. It is our goal to stay on the forefront of technology and development in these areas, constantly challenging our products in order to continue to grow and improve. Victoria Grain distributes a family of rice products that includes Komboka, Sindano, Pishori, Arize among others.  
Moisture (% max) 14%
Foreign matter (% max) 0.1%
Chalky kernel (% max) 3%
Damaged kernel (% max) 0.5%
Red & red streak kernel (% max) 0.5%
Yellow kernel (% max) 0.5%
Paddy grains/kg max 3%
Milling degree  Milling degree Well Milled, Double Polish, Sortex
Milled Rice specifications for Grades 1 & 2