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Go Africa® Roasted Peanuts 250 grams – 8.81oz

  • EUR: € 5.97
  • GHS: ₵94.62
  • KES: KES856.55
  • NGN: ₦8,949.71
Go Africa Brand Roasted Peanuts are crafted by our chefs in tradition handed down by Africans for almost 300 years that helps bring out their sweet nutty taste.
  • Go Africa Brand Roasted Peanuts are salted and can travel as the perfect snack anywhere you go.
  • Product launch: Go Africa Roasted Peanuts will be introduced nationwide via
  • Product Markets: USA, UK, EU current: Future: ME, Asia
  • Packing: sold in 250 gram bags.
  • Sustainability & Ecosystem: This product is organic and fair trade compliant, proudly produced in partnership and/ or with support of the following entities:
  • Ghana Export Promotion Authority
  • Nigerian Export Promotion Council
  • Senegal International Center for Foreign Trade
  • Central African Economic and Monetary Community
  • Food safety is paramount to our production. We have invested directly & indirectly in facilities, equipment and processes that ensure purity and cleanliness per local and international standards.
    • We use FDA Certified facilities to ensure robust quality and consistency for products processed and packaged by team and ecosystem of partners.

GoAfrica Roasted Peanuts – 8oz. bag

  • EUR: € 7.36
  • GHS: ₵116.64
  • KES: KES1,055.84
  • NGN: ₦11,032.00
Go Africa® Peanuts (8oz)